About National Crime Investigation & Training


In 1976, National Crime Investigation and Training (NCIT) was established to meet an expressed need for crime scene investigation training.  The NCIT instructors, having many years experience in the field, designed courses to fulfill this need.  NCIT felt that the course should be designed to not only train the new inexperienced crime scene technician, but to also improve the experienced investigator’s skills. NCIT continues to follow this philosophy by providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive material available.

Over the years, NCIT has expanded the range of courses to address three core subject areas.  The courses NCIT offers are Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction, Advanced Crime Scene Reconstruction and Logistics, and Bloodshed Interpretation.  Courses are scheduled through-out the year, however, if our schedule does not meet your needs NCIT will come to you.  Check our how you can sponsor a NCIT course for your training requirements.

All NCIT courses meet many state’s P.O.S.T. requirements, however, if requirements are different in your area, NCIT will modify the courses to meet your specific local requirements.


NCIT also offers consulting services to assist students with applying course materials to their case investigations.  The NCIT instructors’ experience and qualifications will provide you with the special expertise necessary to assist with your investigation.  These services are available free of charge only to those who have completed our courses.     NCIT does not offer  consultation to private parties.


Our book, "Evidence and Crime Scene Reconstruction", was designed to be used with the NCIT courses. However, it has proven useful for investigators, crime scene technicians, attorneys and other instructors in their courses. The book contains common sense and to-the-point instructions, which are useful and applicable for any investigation.  Our book is now in the 7th edition, revisions are made every two to three years to provide the most contemporary techniques and knowledge. You will find this book to be a most valuable asset to your library, to get a free copy contact rynearsj@yahoo.com and a pdf version will be sent to your email address.

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