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NCIT provides three primary courses in a program of training designed to develop in the novice, as well as, the experienced investigator the knowledge, skills, and abilities to process and solve frequently encountered forms of crime.  From the basic mechanics of scene processing to reconstruction of criminal acts within the scene, NCIT emphasizes the integration of reconstruction with interrogations.

NCIT believes in and teaches a “team approach” to solving crime in Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction.

For those who investigate crimes that have multiple locations requiring the commitment of lots of personnel or which occur over a prolonged period of time. NCIT has the class for you: Advanced Reconstruction and Major Scene Logistics.

And for the more specialized investigator who desires to learn the real facts and skills in “reading” blood patterns…
Bloodshed Interpretation is meant for you.

Within the courses specialty areas involving virtually every aspect of scene investigation or interpretation are not only presented… but experienced by the student so they become proficient BEFORE they leave the classroom.

These courses are Scheduled through out the year, however,   if our schedule does not meet your needs you can Sponsor a Course with us and we’ll come to you.

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