Evidence and Crime Scene Reconstruction is now available in PDF form for FREE.  No charge, no other requirements... except to give authorship credit to the copyright author as appropriate to your use of the content.

This text is made avaialble through our training programs when a student attends the 60 hour “Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction” class.  This web site is used to augment the content of the book as a refresher to the training provided in class.  The “Tips and Tricks” segment of this website will be updated to include various photos taken during the course, such as those at the range or in the bloodstain course

The Seventh Edition reflects technology and court decisions as of March 2015.  It includes an expanded section on the mechanics of reconstructing crime as well as sections dealing with “Advanced Recosntruction Concepts” and “Major Scene Logistics”.  There is also a “Collections Techniques Summary: that reminds the crime scene investigator of the methods discussed in the earlier chapters for each type of physical evidence.  ALL these skills are presented and developed in the three classes provided by the author and instructors.  The three separate but integrated classes span 150 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on practical training intended to be of immediate use the first day back on the job. 

This work emphasizes the use of evidence to assit any investigation and ultimately tell the story of the actions of the participants in the crime scene.  This is called “reconstruction of the crime”.   Information focuses on murder, rape, assault, arson and burglary, but is applicable to virtually any crime.

Easily applied explanations are included for bloodshed patterns, projectile impact patterns and trajectories, grave exhumations, as well as a team approach to the autopsy as part of the crime scene.  The section dealing with the logistics of the major crime scene presents questions and answers for those investigating the multiple body crime or those spanning time or multiple jurisdictions.

Editions of this book have been in print for over 30 years and used by crime scene investigators, technicians and criminalists handling the routine case or the major multiple scene homicide.  It is yours to use as appropriate to your tasks.  It contains a lifetime of “doing”, :”learning” and “teaching” in hundreds of investigations and for thousands of students from hundreds of agencies big and small.

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