Packaging a Revolver - an Idea

Often the choice arises to remove ammunition from a cylinder and package it separately (risking loosing fingerprints or DNA ... or alternatively to leave the ammunition in the revolver (risking the hazard of a loaded firearm!)  After marking the cylinder position with a “Sharpie” pen, consider using a styrofoam cup (if they are available in your community!) to secure the cylinder.  (Paper cups can also work!) Tear or cut a channel down from rim to base of the cup and place it over the rear face of the cylinder.  It will keep the ammunition in place and DOES NOT touch the cylinder surfaces.  When you place the weapon into the cardboard “gun box” use cable ties through the open frame and behind the cup base.  This will retain the cup in its position and prevent the cylinder from closing.  The weapon is not able to fire in this condition.

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