A Photo Idea

Proper photography of the crime scene area includes three different “ranges” of pictures to document the evidence. The overview is the most expansive of the three; taken to show the general area of the scene.  Very little details of the evidence can typically been seen in these photos. The next range is the intermediate (approach) photos.  These show more detail of items and preserve their relationship to other nearby items.  The last range is the closeup which depicts few individual items (often just one) and no details as to the location of the item within the crime scene.   One of the reasons for number stands by each item is to help visualize it in the photos.  Consider the use of a color “POSTit” to depict a certain type of evidence. Examples include shoe prints, bloodspots, cartridge cases and many more! The distribution of these will be shown in the overall and apporach photos through the use of the color POSTit attached to the top of the number stand!

This overview shot coordinates the item number to a spent case, but does not easily depit the type of case or distribution of similar calibers, or make, or metal color.

Note: the foreground number stand is improperly oriented to the camera and the  number is not visible. Place so the numbers are shown from each camera vantage point.

In the above photo of the same area color POSTits have been added to the top of the number stand. More vibrant colors help to demonstrate the distribution of the evidence at the scene. 

Note that the foreground number stand is now properly oriented to the cameras position.

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