Documentation of Spent Cases... and what to expect fromDNA or Fingerprints

Placement of a colored “Postit” on top of the number stand is and easy way to add more information in your scene photographs.  Assign a color to a group of objects (e.g. .45 cases, red, .40 cases, blue) then the photos will clearly show their distribution in the scene. Also works with bloodstains, shoe prints and alot of other types of evidence!

During a “closeup” photo, include at least one where the color is in the picture, to help document the colors association with the type of evidence!

NOTE:  Spent cases rarely provide usable fingerprints OR (trace) DNA evidence.  If fingerprints or DNA on spent cases are deemed essential to the investigation always collect with FRESH gloves and package in clean envelopes or rigid containers. Be sure to provide the crime lab with the reasons why the DNA or fingerprinting is so critical... they may be reluctant to perform the tests unless it is the last clue remaining.  Other evidence may provide far more successful results.

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